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RClouds 4.0
Roccat Reader
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Roccat Reader is new
to Roccat:Connect, it
allows you to view your
favorite articles in a
distraction free mode,
extracting only the
content you care

Roccat Reader comes
with 3 great reading
modes: Night mode,
Day mode, and Sepia

We believe this is the best integrated browser reader
on the market!
Top features of Roccat:Connect for iPhone
RClouds was first
announced in Roccat 2,
it allows you to backup
your open tabs, history,
bookmarks, settings and
all other aspects of your
browsing life on your

Roccat:Connect allows
you to easily view all
of your open tabs and
backup sessions on you
Mac, straight to your iPhone or other iOS device.

With Roccat 4 you can login and switch backups
quicker than ever!
Roccat Flick is a great
feature which allows
you to share websites
over a network, to other
iPhones, Macs or iPads.

Simply select the person
you want to share a site
with, by pressing it. This
will automatically send
the site to them.

Mac users can turn on
'Always Broadcast' so you can always find them on
your iOS device.
FusedBar is an
address bar which has
been fused with a search
FusedBar has lots of built
in features, for example
you can use twitter @
and # tags to easily find
people or search on

You type locate
followed by a place to
search for that place
in Google maps. For
example, if you type locate new york it will find
New York on the map.
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